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Ever wonder what happens when a large animal hits you?

4 years ago, my first offroad adventure was on the Indian Arm, riding my Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE. Since then, I’ve been out on the Indian Arm dozens of times. It became an easy and relaxing ride, a race on familiar ground, or a good place to bring new riders for an introduction to this sport.

Now, this story happened in 2022, on a group ride with bunch of friends and a new guy whom we promised it’ll be easy and fun.

Yep, you know that’s how these stories start, right??

Weather was nice, we were in playful mood - spinning rear, pushing it a bit, forest and mountains were as beautiful as always. We had a small break at the waterfall, which are always worth visiting. We started moving further down the road and for some reason I was leading. I can’t remember why, because in this group, where almost everyone is better than me, I’m usually not.

But why not, right?

At around 25 kms, at somewhere around 60 kph, with the corner of my eye I saw something quite big rushing from a bush across the path and onto my bike.

Immediately, I high sided and tumbled and tried to stabilize myself. Later on, buddy riding behind me told me I did 6-7 rolls before stopping and that a mid-size bear hit my rear wheel and kept running like it didn’t happen.

I had mild pain in wrist and knee, all the group gathered around assessing the situation and helping me up.  My knee had deep cut, but no damage aside from that. Interestingly this was maybe the only time none of us had a First Aid kit. Well, I had spare merino wool socks, cut off its ankle area, dipped it into some whiskey I had with me and used it to wrap the open wound on my knee.


What was a bit more concerning was my wrist.  I probably pulled it quite hard, couldn’t clutch using fingers. Of course, my gang meanwhile was picking up my bike, trying to straighten misaligned handlebar, started the thing to check if its rideable and so on. And of course, the good lads were insisting on riding back 2-up and picking up my Tenere later.

 But how could I leave my iron horse behind?  Riding back was interesting.  First, it was already dark. Second, I had to use my entire palm to clutch. Knee was annoying me, so I mostly sat. And the bike was producing strange noise, so naturally I thought I ruined it.

SPOILER ALERT, the bike was fine.  The noise was coming from the fact that dirt made starter button stuck in “on” position all the 25km of offroad and 60-something road back home. Japanese quality!  No consequences, I just cleaned it and here we go - like new.

Anyways, that was true adventure.

FYI No wildlife was harmed during the ride.


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