Meet Shah - Forever Explorer

Meet Shah - Forever Explorer

Author: Shah Karim

Shahnawaz Karim – Forever Explorer

Hello everyone, I am Shahnawaz Karim.

I am an International Instructors Academy certified off-road instructor (Malaga) and have been able to train over 3,200 participants on big adventure motorcycles in over 12 countries across the world.

I have also been a marshal for the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy (2020 – New Zealand, 2022 – Namibia).

I don’t know if you would have seen the launch of the BMW R 1300 GS. I performed some of the action shots. I have been behind the helmet for the photoshoots of the G310 GS and the old Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Up till last year, I have executed specialized clinics on big adventure motorcycles irrespective of the brands (Yes, that includes the DCT motorcycles). And now plan to build up the same in the Metro Vancouver region.

I got into motorcycles when I was in my teens (2002). By the time I got my motorcycle license, I was participating in motorcycle races at the MMRT race track in Chennai (at that time, it was the only race track in India). Having failed to come to the podium, I decided to upskill myself. I went to up my game at the California Superbike school at the Sonoma Racetrack and got trained by Andy Ibbott before his retirement. That same week, I also participated in the Rawhide Camp Alpha and got hooked on adventure riding and dirt bikes.

But the craving was ongoing, so I got trained by Simon Pavey on advanced riding and rally navigation. This resulted in some great outcomes in 2018 when I won all the national championships in sub 400 cc circuit racing and got 4th overall in the world’s highest motorable rally – Raid de Himalaya on a 250 cc makeshift dual sport. Getting the best of both worlds.

Why I love riding:

I love riding adventure motorcycles as I love exploring and riding on non-paved sections, which brings me closer to nature. It has also allowed me to experience various cultures and appreciate humanity and goodness even more.

Plans for 2024:

I love to travel on a motorcycle as much as possible and explore Canada. I've travelled to over 32 countries on motorcycles and have always enjoyed the BMW GS models.

In the following season, I plan to organize 3 levels of training on

  1. Basics of adventure motorcycle riding,
  2. Advanced adventure riding
  3. ADV Challenge for riders to test their skills
  4. Specialized Enduro Tours (80% off-road + in private locations) in Spain, Morocco, India and South America.

I am also proud to share that in 2017 while trying to solve my riding problem of carrying a helmet, gloves and various other stuff while riding a motorcycle, I invented a way to convert a motorcycle riding jacket into a backpack. I now sell the same directly to the customer on my website – I will soon launch North America-specific gear, which I plan to showcase at some of our S2S events.

When I am not riding motorcycles, I teach Digital Marketing and Business strategy at two colleges in Vancouver and help small businesses with the same.

My ideal garage: BMW 1300 GS, KTM 350 EXC, Yamaha R6


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