FAR FROM HOME : Wesley Hannam

FAR FROM HOME : Wesley Hannam

Author ~ Wesley Hannam & S2SADV Member

Our prayers to the Gods of Dirt are answered as the blacktop quickly turns into a gravel trail that hugs and winds through lunar monoliths and rock formations that are a hundred million years old. The sun dips behind the horizon, our pupils dilate, and the adrenaline keeps us going. We enter “Die Hel” via a hundred switchbacks, and vertical cliff drops to each side as the sunlight falls away. We don’t care much for the tarmac stretch we took to get here as we thirst for more dirt, like a werewolf that has had his first taste of blood.

I was raised in Namibia, and spent most of my adolescent years causing havoc on dirt bikes in the suburbs, much to the dismay of the local constabulary. Once I even serenaded the local magistrate with flowers outside the courthouse to get out of a sticky situation. She did end up squashing the charges, and so I was quickly back to raising two-wheeled hell again!

Having spent most of my time exploring Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana with my father and brother, I am no newbie to adventure riding.

Together, we were constantly on the lookout for the next two-wheeled adventure, the only criteria being that it has to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Thus, it’s no surprise that I’m hugely passionate about motorcycles.

These days I split most of my time between the northern and southern hemispheres, chasing the riding season around the globe with my company Moto Safari. I’m always up for some tomfoolery and a laugh, and I guarantee that there’ll never be a dull moment on one of our tours.

Established in 2015, Moto Safari is an adventure tour company built from the gravel up by riders with a deep appreciation for the sport of ADV riding.

We offer fully inclusive motorcycle tours around the world that focus on epic landscapes, awesome routes, and unforgettable riding.

Built on decades of experience behind the bars of various two-wheeled adventure machines, my team and I have focused our attention on creating the perfect ADV experience. Each of our tours is a tailored experience, but they are all built on the same core elements that showcase the host country’s finest landscapes. We find the best twisties, trails, and off-road routes to create an unforgettable riding experience every day while on the tour.

For this reason, we also focus on keeping the tours small and boutique so riders can concentrate on the thing that matters most: riding.

Currently Moto Safari offers trips in Costa Rica, South Africa, Namibia, Mexico, Canada and India.

To learn more please visit our website or socials.




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