June Jamboree 2024

June Jamboree 2024

June Jamboree 2024 Update

This year's June Jamboree is relocating from Merritt to Lillooet, British Columbia, offering a fresh experience for all participants. The event is scheduled over the Father's Day Weekend, utilizing Lillooet as the central hub.

Our primary lodging will be at the Reynolds Hotel, with additional accommodations available in nearby hotels for any overflow.

Lillooet, with its charming town and rich history, has been a welcoming host for our adventure rides multiple times each season. The exploration options are diverse, including:

1. Friday's routes leading to Lillooet, which may involve West Harrison, East Harrison, Kookipi, Nahatlatch, Keefers, Spencers, and Texas Creek Road.
2. Saturday's activities will see riders grouped into 8-10 participants, embarking on a series of concentric routes throughout the day, catering to various skill levels and bike types.
3. On Sunday, riders can either opt for a direct pavement route back to the coast for Father's Day dinner or explore additional routes along the way.

For those unfamiliar with our group or Lillooet, it's worth noting that dining and drinking options in town are limited. Traditionally, the Reynolds Hotel has been a popular choice, but there might be new alternatives in 2023, so stay tuned for updates.

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