May Madness 2024

May Madness 2024

In 2024, the S2SADV Motorcycle Group is set to launch a series of multi-day adventure rides in Merritt, British Columbia, starting with a new event called "May Madness."

We specifically selected this location because of our extensive knowledge of the Thompson-Nicolla Valley and its riding areas. Moreover, this region tends to be among the first to become "snow-free," making it ideal for those riding large Adventure Motorcycles.

The possibilities for exploration are abundant, with options like the ride north from Merritt to Logan Lake and then to Ashcroft, where we typically refuel and grab food before heading up to Cornwall Summit, provided the conditions are dry.

Even if the Cornwall Summit isn't accessible, there are numerous areas to explore on both sides of Highway 97, offering a wide variety of Forest Service Roads suitable for riders of almost any skill level. This region holds a special place as one of our favorite areas to ride in British Columbia.



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