S2SADV Motorcycle Show & Flat Tire Social with Dual Sport BC

S2SADV Motorcycle Show & Flat Tire Social with Dual Sport BC

I am really excited to talk about 1st Annual Adventure Motorcycle Show & Flat Tire Social that I am organizing, in partnership with our friends over at Dual Sport BC.

The concept for this event originated during conversations with one of the S2SADV Admins - Rennie Caspillo - who had proposed the idea of a Tire Changing Workshop and it evolved into talking about including other local vendors who support our sport.

In the spring of 2023, we hosted a Tire Changing Clinic over at Burnaby Kawasaki and we had an amazing turn-out and great demonstrations from Bill Lapp and Kevin Miklossy and others. But it was cold and wet, and not ideal.

So that got me to thinking about how could we do something indoors, out of the rain and cold and maybe expand the concept to be a mini motorcycle show and spring social.

After confirming interest and commitment from Daytona, GA CheckPoint, HighRoad, Burnaby Kawasaki, Honda Center, Suspension Werx, Klim, KTM, Suzuki, Tourtech, Giant Loop and MANY OTHERS, I locked in a large venue, based in Port Moody where we have scheduled our event on Sunday February 25, 2024.

We are not trying to replicate or compete with the awesome Vancouver Motorcycle Show, rather we decided to build a social event around our passion for the sport, and include some of the key local vendors who support us all. 

I am really looking forward to our partnership with Dual Sport BC, specifically Russ Patton and Peter Nuksa who we are merging their Flat Tire Social into the Motorcycle Show, so that we are able to expand the reach of this event to many more members, across both groups.

It's going to be awesome!



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